Friday, January 7, 2011

Colin's Top 10 of '10

There's been lot of talk recently about 2010 being a subpar year for film. While the summer notably lacked the same impressive slate of blockbusters 2009 offered, I'm not convinced there is otherwise a whole lot to complain about. "Inception" was a pretty unifying crowd-pleaser and "Toy Story 3" became Pixar's highest grossing film. The fall and winter produced a handful of impressive dramas, and unlike last year, there's still a few indies I'm desperate to see expand.

Below are my personal top 10 films of the year, with one disclaimer. I strove to recognize a diverse collection of films, and my honorable mentions are worthy in their own right. As always, hyperlinks to my original reviews are provided. Enjoy, and please feel free to post your own thoughts and lists!

10. Easy A

Honorable Mentions:

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