Monday, October 11, 2010

FARCE/FILM Episode 64: Let Me In, Catfish

--> Episode 64: 10/10/10 <--
Hosts: Colin George, Brian Crawford, Kevin Mauer

Intro – 00:00
Top 5 – 01:09
Let Me In (spoilers) – 13:10
Catfish (major spoilers) – 28:56
WMD – 01:00:24 (Me and Orson Wells, Zodiac, Enter the Void, After Hours, Audition, Shortbus, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, I Love You Man)
E-mail and Outro - 01:22:28
(What do actors do all year?)

"Let Me In"


-- Weekly Discussion --

Between Catfish, The Social Network, and Zodiac, this week our hosts discuss the importance of factuality in storytelling. Is it more important that a documentary or adaptation be 100% truthful or that it tell a compelling story?

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