Wednesday, August 4, 2010

FARCE/FILM Episode 55: Dinner for Schmucks

--> Episode 55: 08/03/10 <--
Hosts: Colin George, Jon Mauer, Suman Allakki, Laura Rachfalski

Intro – 00:00
Top 5 – 05:07
Dinner for Schmucks (spoilers) - 07:09
WMD - 42:19
(Ruins, Anchorman, Funny People, Stroszek, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, The Bounty Hunter, Let the Right One In, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy)
E-mail and outro - 59:22
(Video game references in movies, personal interests in film)

"Dinner for Schmucks"


-- Weekly Discussion --

This week our hosts are sharply divided over the topic of "average films". What makes a film average for you? Does that make it something that should be avoided? Why?


  1. To clarify, I get what Scott Pilgrim is going for with the retro thing. My complaint was with the specific games they chose to incorporate. Yes, it's elitist of me but I don't get impressed when you reference Super Mario or Street Fighter. Give me something like Earthbound, Fire Emblem, or Soulblazer.

    That's where my annoyance stems from. I don't get why my friends are going apeshit for easy homages. Again this is based purely on the trailers, so maybe when I watch the actual film, I'll see where they're coming from.

    The other part of my email was a complaint to how the gaming culture is portrayed on film. Hollywood seems to think all gamers drink mountain dew, are into heavy metal/hip hop, and only love FPS's (eg. Gamer, Die Hard 4.0, Jumper, Kick-Ass, Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, The Joneses, the list goes on and on). Yes, there are gamers like that but that's only a small portion of us.

    I wish more films portrayed gaming the way Reign Over Me did. The scene where Adam Sandler and Don Cheadle are playing Shadow of the Colossus is easily my favorite cinematic representation of gamers, even besting The Wizard.

  2. Mm--maybe so. But "Scott Pilgrim" is old, though. I think O'Malley started writing the books in the early 2000s and probably had the story/jokes in development even before that. It's hard for me to say anything since the film is definitely my favorite of the year thus far and I can't find much negative to say about it...

    We were a little tired last night...

    As for gaming in movies... yeah. Colin hates that 9 times out of 10 when there's a video game going in the background of a film, the sound effects sound like it's Atari. But that's the fault of the public who are mostly NOT gamers and assume that's what all video games are. It sucks, but... if you really want to get into video games there's docs like "Second Skin"--but maybe that's TOO much analysis.